Ziva’s DNA tests all normal!

By the lab of dr. van haeringen laboratorium b.v. is Ziva’s DNA checked onK865 Combination packet Hereditary Diseases
This packet contains an combination of DNA-tests for:
– Progressieve Retinale Atropie (PRA): PRA rdAc en PRA Rdy,
– Hypertrofe Cardio Myopathie: HCM1 en HCM3,
– Polycysteuze Nieren (PKD),
– Pyruvaat Deficientie (PKDef),
– Spinale Musculaire Atrophie (SMA)
– Bloedgroepen AB (DNA test),
– Glycogeenstapeling GSD Type IV

Ziva is free from the above diseases.
By all test she features two healthy allels.
Therefore she won’t be able to get those defects and she can’t pass those defects to her offspring.

Awesome news!!